Welcome to "Local Hotel". Nothing redundant , only necessary.

There are a convinent position of a mini-hotel, comfortable rooms, reasonable prices and our desire to make you more happier! It doesn’t matter, it will be on the night or on the life. Moscow is now your city!

You quickly get used to good things!

Visiting our hotel once , you won’t want to look for another alternative yet, you will come back to us over and over. People correctly say: «You quickly get used to good things!»

Moscow.. There’s so much everything in this song!

It doesn't matter what your goal is to visit the capital. You will have time to do everything that you have planned: work and spend very well your free time!

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L-Hotel: 2023 г.

Our address

Moscow city,

Dimitrov highway,

house 46, building 1

(The entrance is from a yard)